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Blackbird Fly ~  artsyUnderstudy

This story has taken my soul and it isn’t even finished yet.

Blackbird Fly is a dark and twisted Supernatural high school AU. Currently standing at 120k (16/20 chapters written). Primary pairings are Dean/Castiel and Sam/Jess.

The writer illustrates the work herself and the artwork slips into the story seamlessly. (Actually the reason I read this fic in the first place is because I follow artsyUnderstudy for her incredible fanart) The characters are emotionally complex and the tension between the families drive the plot in a very natural way. You could say it’s a Romeo and Juliet narrative with an organised drug ring in the centre of it but that’s simplifying matters immensely. It starts with a chance meeting and then keeps spiralling into deeper and deeper waters. It’s also worth praising the writer for giving Sam his own distinct storylines as they are compelling in their own right. 

I’m gonna make Blackbird Fly one of my Five Recs for a while so others might be tempted to join me in this beautiful agony.

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